• Réversible


    — Les 7 Doigts de la Main

  • A-WA

  • Driftwood


    — Cie Casus

  • Speakeasy


    — The Rat Pack



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Festival des 7 Collines showcases each year a certain singularity that makes it an awaited event by a broad public and that allows it to benefit from a beautiful national and international acknowledgment.

Thus, we are proud to present this 23th edition which confirms our commitment in the discovery of new artists and to the important place we give to the contemporary circus. The desire to combine a demanding international program while keeping a popular dimension remains the main theme of each edition.

Let us also remember that this event is truly anchored in our territory. Several towns of the metropolis of Saint-Étienne are associated to this event and the partnerships fixed with the major institutions of the city of Saint-Étienne get stronger every year.

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to all of our partners who, through their continuous commitment, allow this event to last.

This is an edition full of surprises and emotions that we let you discover.

Jean-Philippe Mirandon
And the team of the Festival